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Leadership Systems Development & Training

Overwhelmed? Navigating the unknown? Wishing that your efforts could be streamlined for greater impact?

Leadership systems enable you to accomplish your vision by establishing teams, processes, and procedures to reach your goals, save you time and bring momentum to efforts to accomplish the mission.

Strategy Sketchnotes provides training, coaching, and consulting to find ways to empower others, lighten your load, and help you focus on achieving goals instead of managing details.



Learn practical leadership skills, follow visual maps and strategies, and help your organization or team develop greater health and growth.

Team and Group Training
  • Team development
  • Leadership skills improvement
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving
Systems Development
  • Leadership structures
  • Process workflows
  • Productivity
  • Strategy implementation
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Leadership Videos & Articles

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Training and

Online Classes

Whether in person or online, learn from workshops and classes.

  • In-person workshops
  • Online classes starting in 2018

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